Bad Girls

Well, mostly a bad girl, singular.  I was up in Anna’s room and left the gate open for Davout to come in.  Rhea came up and jumped inside while Davout was creeping forward.

She did her thing of pouncing up onto the sofa in the center of the room looking all wild, which elicited a few minor hisses from Anna.

Rhea and Davout were chasing each other up and down the stairs for most of the evening.

I shooed her out, although she did try to circle around and charge back in which I blocked.

Later, Rhea was miffed enough to either jump over the pet gate, or squeeze through the bars and have a little spat with Anna.

Despite the kerfluffle, Anna is quite a pretty girl.

When I went up again, she spent a lot of the time staring out to the hall where Rhea was lurking in the shadows.  Despite the drama, she’s bounced back faster than before.  I think if she could just quit the hissing Rhea would eventually just


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One Response to Bad Girls

  1. Oh them girls! I wonder how many years it will be before we see them curled up together? Ever? MOL


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