Hair Report

Rhea’s hair remains long and spikey these days.  She does have the odd mat here and there, but unlike Davout I can get hold of her to cut them out when they do happen.

She’s watching the snake toy moving about in the room.

Davout was interested too.  Its interesting that there have been some changes in how he acts since his trim.  He seems a bit more active without the bulk.  He’s changed some of the places he hangs out – less time on the tile, more time on the carpet.  That’s probably because he doesn’t need as much cooling with his belly being nearly bald.

Rhea follows the snake overhead…

She broke into Anna’s room this morning again..I’m pretty sure she’s going through the bars at a spot.  I should be able to block that off without a lot of trouble.  Anna doesn’t seem too upset once I shoo Rhea away.

I spent some time trying to solve the issue of Davout pictures.  At night, he’s hard to get a nice shot of because his dark face is hard for the camera to pick up on.  The light from the autofocus annoys him a little, and he squints.

Zooming out helps, as the entire picture is brighter, but then the image is smaller

These closer ones are a bit off  – there’s some off false color, and he’s annoyed.  Probably zooming less and cropping more would help.  I’ll have to try that.


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2 Responses to Hair Report

  1. ruthdetwiler says:

    I see Captain Crazy Whiskers still has thos along unruly whiskers.


  2. ruthdetwiler says:

    Those crazy whiskers make him such a handsome fella with such an interesting face.


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