Troubled Times

Anna hasn’t had a nice last few days.  For some reason, after months of ignoring the cat gate, Rhea has decided to break through the gate and get in after Anna.  Rhea still doesn’t seem angry or upset while she’s doing this, but she is on a mission to get in there and this will cause Anna to flip.

I’ve had to regress to closing her door, which Anna likes just fine, thank you very much. Without air circulation via the door that room gets pretty chilly.

Anna has been eating the calming food, but with Rhea pressing her buttons harder the results are about the same.

Rhea herself had a big “cling on” attack which required an invasive butt-bath in the sink. She was not happy about that.

Davout has started to nap up on the sofa in the last few days.  He usually jumps down if I get too close, but either his haircut or the cooler weather has moved him off of the tile floor spots he favors.

I took some cardboard and blocked the gaps in the rails that Rhea has been using to squeeze through the gate.  There was a lot of interest when I set it up from all the cats…even Harrison used the open gate to stroll into Anna’s room and have a snack from her food.  Anna hardly minded that.

It only took a little while before Rhea started to poke at the cardboard.

Anna on her throne.

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1 Response to Troubled Times

  1. ruthdetwiler says:

    Miss Rhea sound slick she has decided she has reign over th entire kingdom of catdom and she is going to claim her territory. Hope you get it all calmed down and straightened out before it drives you up the wall.

    Liked by 1 person

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