Sofa Madness

Downstairs the cats were all being very boring.  So I went up to Anna’s room.

I put some more food in her bowl, some of which was stuff she spilled out earlier.  Anna tends to dig at the carpet around the food and spill things.

Anna then did something unusual.  Usually she stays away from the door if it is open.  I’ve seen her sit on the back of the sofa coming in when the door has been closed, but not with it open.

She spotted Davout out in the hallway and she hissed at him.

She then flopped down on the back and started acting goofy…

Rolling around and rubbing her head against the back of the sofa…

I tried using the string toy here and she went crazy for it!

Maybe a little TOO crazy!

She’s bapping over the back at my fingers while she smooshes her face.


Anna is a little silly.


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6 Responses to Sofa Madness

  1. Oh my gosh, Anna is too cute when she’s being fierce! What a sweetie!

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  2. kimkiminy says:

    Love that last photo. She is too cute.

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  3. She is just adorable!😺


  4. Jo Woolf says:

    Is she flirting a little bit with Davout?! Such a pretty little girl, and so much spirit!


    • Oldcat says:

      I think her hissing to all the cats are just bluff, to make them give her space. With Rhea, this annoys her and she goes into pursuit mode. With the boys, they ignore this and then leave her alone, so she calms down and accepts them hanging out, as long as she is up in a safe place.

      I wish she would chill even more to one of the other cats, as maybe this would get Rhea out of her cycle.

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  5. ruthdetwiler says:

    Love that last photo of her and she looksliek she has come a long way from when you first got her.


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