…more from Yesterday

There were more pictures of Anna rolling around on the back of her sofa than could fit into one post…so here’s another.  This is probably the goofiest of them all.

I like her airplane ears here….

…and you can see her own huge set of whiskers!

Then there were some noises at the door, so I went to investigate.

Davout really wants to come in, but is too scared to come in when I open the door for him.  I have to catch him off guard.

He loved playing with the string and finally managed to pull the end through the bars.

At that point he bit the end and carried it off and I had to quickly grab the other end.  There was a little tug of war that he eventually won.  I had to go out and get the cord.

Rhea takes her turn.  You can see that even after only a short time Rhea has chewed or clawed the edges trying to get in.  She’s not crazy obsessed with it, but it is odd that she’s started with this after months of leaving it totally alone.  When things are active she’s downstairs with me most of the time rather than tearing at the gate.  Oddly, she hasn’t hit on the idea of going over the gate, or jumping onto the bookshelves in the hall to look over.

So these days the door is shut behind the gate at night and when I am out during the day to give Anna a break.  When I come home I open it up to mix the air better.  I think I can restore the cardboard faster than Rhea can tear it down.

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2 Responses to …more from Yesterday

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Haha, that first pic is crazy! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ruthdetwiler says:

    Anna looks like se is totally enjoying her time with you and she is such a pretty girl.


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