Full House

Just after getting home and feeding the kittens, I went upstairs and decided to check on Anna in her room.  Surprisingly, both Davout and Harrison were right there and came in with me.  Well, Harrison went in without a care, and Davout was slower.  This gave time for Rhea to come up behind.

Davout was carefully sneaking around the sofa on one side while Rhea was creeping like a hunter the other way.  Harrison went right to the food bowl and ate some stuff.  Anna was a good girl and did not hiss at him.  Davout was peering at Anna, until Rhea decided to change ends and come up behind him.

So Rhea came up around the sofa all low and stalkery, getting closer and closer until she ran into Harrison sitting at the food bowl watching her.  There she stopped…and turned around and even left the room!

There was a little more exploring by Davout out of Anna’s sight.  So having all four cats in one half of a small bedroom didn’t last long, but didn’t cause an explosion either.  Later I went up and gave Anna a few treats.

To reward the kittens I replaced the batteries on the undercover mouse.

Today Rhea was the lead player, while Davout hung back.

She played so long she got a bit tired out.

Rhea is a pretty little thing.


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2 Responses to Full House

  1. ruthdetwiler says:

    Rhea is a pretty little thing and that is progress with tham all in the same room at one time even if for just a short time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. weggieboy says:

    An encouraging report, OC! All of your cats are pretty, and you do a great job of taking their photos to share with us.


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