There was some interesting stuff going on today, although not on camera.

Davout has been complaining for a while about not getting a little outside time.  It has been cool, and I don’t get home until after dark.  Today I relented and let him out onto the back porch as at least it was warm out there.  Even Harrison went out, although he just went straight into the little cat house on the patio to have a seat.  When Rhea went out towards the tree, I had to bring them all in as she still sometimes tries to climb it and go over the wall.

Sometime later I woke from a short nap and heard some suspicious noise from upstairs.  Rhea was at Anna’s gate, tearing at the cardboard cover.  I don’t think that she can bust through that portion even without a cover, though.

So rather than fuss, I brought Rhea inside.  Anna was at her safe high spot.  She didn’t react much to Rhea, and Rhea soon gave up sneaking close by and retreated to the back of the closet as far away as she could get from Anna but be in sight.  Then she started to stare intently at her for minutes without moving.  This closet space is one that Anna sleeps in quite often.

Meanwhile Davout was peering around one side, or the other of the sofa at Anna.  This distracted Anna so she wasn’t staring back as much.  After some time Rhea broke the stare and started to look around and twitch her ears more normally.  Davout came to her too see what she was doing a time or two.

Meanwhile Anna had been looking back every so often, but otherwise not reacting – no hissing or growling.  Finally she seemed to get a little tired of all this and gave one of those high-pitched mew-growls which I took as a sign to break up this little staring party.  Rhea was a bit annoyed when I pulled her out, but that was that.

So no hissing, and no charging today.

Anna has been more relaxed, even with Rhea amping up the trying to get in.  Is it the “Calming” cat food?  I know Anna eats some of it, and there’s bits outside that the others might be eating.  I don’t think I’ve seen Rhea eat dry very much.

Of course my theory has always been that Anna’s hissing sets off Rhea’s worst moves and that if she reacted less hostile-ly Rhea would cause less trouble.

Davout will get that undercover mouse.  Today the arm came completely unscrewed they used it so much.   It was easily set right again.



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  2. That Rhea, such an ornery little imp. 🙂 Whatever it is, I hope Anna continues to mellow out, then maybe Rhea will lose interest all together.

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