Anna’s Toy

Today it was Anna’s turn to get some pictures of her playing with her feather toy.  She was sitting on the back of the red sofa near the door when I came in, which she has done more of since she’s been taking her medicine.  There is a kind of sliding scale of where she is sleeping or sitting that measures her confidence.  The sofa back is what I would consider the most confident spot, followed by the bookshelf shelf looking out the window.  The same spot but watching the door is one of her least confident spots – only high in the closet and the narrow cubby by the lamp show more nerves.  She also is doing more walking forward to the door looking for the kittens outside.  She usually still hisses on first sight.

Rhea is a lot less intent on breaking in these last few days.  She found a new spot in my closet today that she took some naps in.  I have been keeping Anna mostly shut away and avoiding much mixing this last week.

When the toys come out, Anna heads for the cubbies.  She likes some overhead protection and will wait for it to come close.   When it does, she swats at it multiple times like a machine gun – whak-whak-whak!

I tried a few times to lure her out or get her to jump for it…but she was wise to my shenanigans.

I did get her to chase it out a little, but she quickly decided she needed more cover and ducked into this bookshelf slot.  Harrison has been in there, and Rhea on her first day here years ago, but I think this is Anna’s first time.  It is kind of a tight fit.

Davout also has wanted to get into Anna’s room to play too, but it wasn’t allowed.  So I gave him some time with another toy.

He loves catching a toy.


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3 Responses to Anna’s Toy

  1. ruthdetwiler says:

    Love these photos of Pretty Miss Anna and Capt Crazy Whiskers.

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  2. Anna has a twin here in Laguna Beach–my boy Lexington could be her brother. They have such similar faces and expressions it just makes me gush. As always, love your pictures and updates on your cat clan. Cheers!

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  3. Sounds like the new medicine might be working! I hope things continue to get better and better between the kitties!


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