It is about time I did a little more testing of the effect of the new meds on Anna.  I know the kittens are still interested at the door if I am in there.  Harrison followed me and was instantly interested in eating Anna’s food.

She was down low in the closet, one of her more relaxed spots.  This morning some roofers were walking on the roof and she went to one of her most cautions spots, which is up above this on top of a pile of old speakers and a futon.

Harrison walked right by (twice) and she didn’t growl.  She never quite saw Davout as he went the other way, then back out when I dropped the wand toy outside for Rhea to play with.  Davout soon wanted out to play, and Anna didn’t seem distressed by them playing just outside the door, which is off to her right rear in this position.

The most hopeful part is that she didn’t seem to need to retreat to a ‘safer’ spot the whole time.

I took the wand toy down for the kittens to play with…

…and bite.  Rhea only drags her captures a foot or two.  Davout had me follow him twice around the kitchen/living room circle.

The use of cover is the most important part of being a hunter…

After the big chase – and one huge leap that ended with him bashing into blinds at doorknob height – Davout was more restrained.

I like the way he gauges the distance with one paw before pouncing.


When they ran down some they lay down on the cool floor for a minute to rest.


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2 Responses to Invasions

  1. weggieboy says:

    Rhea lurking behind the wrinkle in the rug is priceless! She looks like a proper lioness there. Also, it sounds hopeful the medication will do the trick for Anna and the kittens. I hope so. You’ve been very patient dealing with Anna’s issues.


  2. Lurkertype says:

    I’m glad it sounds like it’s working for Anna.
    Those giant Davout paws always slay me.


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