Baby Steps

Davout got a date with the blue feathers after the sessions with Anna.

Anna seems more confident – hanging out in the nicer spaces, even walking towards the doors to look out at the kittens a little.  So today I let the door and gate both open for a little more mixing.  Anna was in the bottom of the closet, a relatively confident spot as it is near the door and low down.

For a while, only Davout was coming in.  He never quite got to a spot where he could go eye to eye with her at first, there’s a side wall to the closet between it and the door.

Eventually Rhea came in and got very very close to being able to see Anna around the corner.  Even with the medicine making her a lot less interested and intense, she did make a little charge at one point, getting within a foot and a half.  A little hissing, Anna stood her ground and Rhea was shooed out of the room for a bit.

A little bit later, there was a round 2.  Anna had calmed down, but was growling a bit.

Davout peeked around and got a little hissing, which brought Rhea back in.  I was able to discourage her, and Anna was wanting to move out, so I brought things to an end.  Anna moved out, but only to the window seat, which still is a relatively confident spot for her, rather than one of her more scared spots.

Since the kittens were good,  I brought out the toy from Anna’s room. It is also good that they seem far more interested in the toy than bothering Anna.

Davout waits for his shot.  However, Rhea was the kitten who grabbed the toy and rushed downstairs with it, while Davout chased the stick bouncing behind just like Rhea does when he carries it off.

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1 Response to Baby Steps

  1. ruthdetwiler says:

    Anna seems to be settling down a a bit but th kittens still seem to be a bit confused by her.


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