Tossed Around

Rhea peers at the feather toy.  She was tough to find for her medicine earlier so I had to bring out the feather toy to lure her close for grabbing.  It is only fair for some real play after that.

She got even by grabbing it herself.

Davout in his teddy bear pose also waits.  Both kittens tended to watch for long periods rather than go crazy.

Davout is a cat that likes to use his paws to manipulate things.  With Rhea hanging back he started to work the feathers up and around to bite at them.

He managed to get them standing upright for a little bit here…

Rhea was fascinated by this process.  She doesn’t use her paws for stuff like her brother does.

Finally, the feathers were vanquished for another day.


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6 Responses to Tossed Around

  1. Mol! 😸 I have missed your kitties! How is Harrison?


  2. And The other one -??


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