Not So Routine

I had been giving Anna a break from room invasions the last day or so, but today I did change the normal routine.  I brought her out and down the hall to my room.  Harrison was curled up on one end, which she either didn’t see or remark on.  The kittens were downstairs.

She did, as is customary, retreat down the hall back towards her room, but she did stop off and sniff at things along the way.  She also turned into the office room and explore it for a good time, not seeming very agitated nor having a lashing tail while she did so.

A bit later I heard Rhea digging at the gate to her room and I went and fixed it up, but after that Rhea did manage to get through the gate and have a little fracas with Anna.  Anna was on the shelf by the window and Rhea was standing below reaching up.  It was also just before the daily medicine dosage was due, and Rhea had been bored most of the day.  I should have pulled the door fully closed, I suppose.

Anna didn’t seem too flustered after I got Rhea out of her face.

After dinner and the meds and a few hours, I brought out the wand toy.  Come to think of it, Rhea does know that the toy is in Anna’s room.  Perhaps some portion of her wanting to go in there these days is to find the toy.  That said, I don’t expect all of the issues to just vanish like magic.

I like getting Davout to chase the toy up onto the bed.

He likes getting low for it, too.

Davout even likes chewing on the end of the rod.

I let the toy sit on the floor and after a long pause, Rhea started working herself into a lather playing with it.  Here’ she’s rolling and kicking at it.

and then biting on the tip.


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One Response to Not So Routine

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Before I saw your caption on the last picture, I thought “she’s got the crazy eyes!”

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