Plain and Simple

The temperature is a bit warmer these last few days and Harrison has come down to visit some more.  You can see he’s a tad fluffed out but still a short haired one.

I haven’t measured his weight in a while so it is hard to say if he is still gaining weight.  He still has a good appetite, even if his eating pattern is a little odd with him eating 2 meals at once then fasting until the next day.

The kittens spot the toy.  Rhea had been sitting upright but dropped down low at once and got the big eyes.

Rhea keeps her eye on the toy…

And gets it!…she carries it off…

Rhea only carries it a short distance before letting it drop.

Anna and Rhea both are doing better with the medicine.  Anna has looked out the door through the gates a few times and is not spitting at nothing anymore.  In fact, a couple of times she looked through at Davout and didn’t hiss, or run but just looked.  Anna even looking out the door is something of a positive step.

Also, Rhea hasn’t been nearly as intense in her desire to get in and mess with Anna.  The stuff isn’t wiping her out.  In fact, with the feather toy today she was jumping up like a crazy cat a few times going for it.



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6 Responses to Plain and Simple

  1. Anne Daigle says:

    Harrison is looking much better. Before his poor little face was emaciated, and now it is rounding out.


  2. Wild eyes, floofy feathery tail, Rhea has it all!

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  3. I am glad to see that Harrison is doing well. Do you know how old he is? Hopefully he will have many more years ahead of him with you in his new home.


  4. ruthdetwiler says:

    The old man does have the sweetest face.


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