Post Door Meetings

We are all downstairs after a little door interaction at Anna’s room.  The kittens were watching at the gate as I dosed Anna, and I sat at the door and monitored the kittens while Anna hung back at the corner of the sofa and hissed and growled.  Rhea wasn’t too hyped up by all this.

The Prozac doesn’t seem to keep Rhea from chasing the toy…she was chasing it and leaping up in the air as it passed overhead.

I did hear Rhea digging at the cardboard at the door just a minute ago.  She had caught her paw on the sticky part of duct tape again.  Closing Anna’s door should keep that down.

Rhea has her own partially crazy set of whiskers.

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One Response to Post Door Meetings

  1. I just adore Rhea!!😺


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