Low Energy Day

Kitties watching

These last 24 hours have been one of those times when you are sick but not in any identifiable way.  I’ve been feeling cold without having one,  not feeling like eating but not having an upset stomach, not having energy but not tired either.  So nothing much has been happening here, aside from Rhea breaking into Anna’s room once.  There was a little bit of noise but less than I expected.

spoilsport Davout

I thought the feather toy would be a cheap way for some nice pictures but Davout pulled it away and ran off with it, and I was too tired to chase him.

Substitute Playsite

So as an alternative I opened up the doors to this cabinet and let the kittens climb into the two shelves and had a nice time watching them peek in, then climb in to the shelves singly and in pairs.

About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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