Lil Bear Rhea

While this camera in low light isn’t the best at getting action shots, at least I tried today.

Anna is getting more active at the gate to her room. Usually when I open it up she will go right to the gate and look out.  Kittens might get a hiss…and Rhea always does, but she stays for a while to watch.  Sometimes she turns away and oh-so-casually will rub on a bag with her back to them for a bit.

Happy Ending

The grand finale was Davout going all out for the lure….

Vertical Stretch

…a little before that he stood up and caught it like Rhea does….

Lanky Boy Davout

While this isn’t the best picture ever,  you can see how small Davout is under the partial fluff…

...and earlier

….and before that he did some spinning dance moves for the toy…

Warming up...

…and at first, he contented himself with pawing at the toy with some caution.



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2 Responses to Rewind

  1. Great action shots lately! They are having all kinds of fun!

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  2. They really enjoy themselves – they’re all purrecious!😺

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