Make it Up

Today I got a refill of the prescription for Anna and Rhea.  So far I am quite encouraged that things are a lot calmer on both sides, and Anna is even showing some signs of interest at the door and not fear.  The dosing is annoying as neither girl likes the taste at all.

Rhea dislikes this and wishes that I would go back to spending more time downstairs as she was used to before things got colder.  So because she’s put out she and Davout have been getting more energetic toy time to make up for it.

The kittens are a little more apt to combine biting and paw support to catch a toy.  Gus and Julie were more apt to swipe with a paw or snap with the jaws alone.

Rhea does have a bit of hunting instinct.  Luckily it seems to be restricted to toys and every so often to Anna.

Nothing can escape!

Rhea carries the prize to a safe spot.  She doesn’t have quite the proud strut that Davout gets when he carries the toy off, but it is close.

“We Meet Again!”

I was able to get Davout to do some crazy leaps after the toy, if not catch one very well on camera.  One back foot is still up in the air as he sticks the landing.

I don’t often use the toy to get a nice pose out of both of the cats.  One at a time, sure.

The lure was on the ground and Rhea froze like this staring at it, like she was hunting it.  She couldn’t be distracted by anything.  Is she acting like a pointer?

Finally Davout walked over circling around her and caught it.  This snapped Rhea out of her fixation!


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3 Responses to Make it Up

  1. alifromaberdeen says:

    Love the photo both kittens looking spat the toy getting ready to lunge.


  2. Great photos! How do you play with them and use the camera at the same time!


    • Oldcat says:

      Just use the camera one handed. it helps if the speed is fast so a little hand tremor does not blur things. A moving cat will do that too. I’m close so usually I can keep the cat in the viewfinder.


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