From Up Above

It all started with Harrison being a troublemaker.  I had managed to grab Davout and was going to sneak into Anna’s room with him when Harrison came trotting along behind.  He went right past Anna to the food bowls, ignoring her hiss.  Davout got nervous and hissed at me until I let him down.

He started eating Anna’s food before I could put it on the mat, so I let him go out of the room and left the gate open.  Anna was pretty funny, but she was more astonished than scared.  She went toward the door and circled the sofa to watch Harrison eat.  This went on a bit, so I left the room and went to get something downstairs.  When  I came back Anna was missing!

Eventually I tracked her down to the office bedroom one door down the hall.  Harrison apparently pushed the bowl off the edge and over onto the mat and perhaps the noise prompted Anna to leave the room…or maybe she just went exploring.  Davout showed up and cut Anna off but a hiss moved him aside and she finally went back into her room.  I had previously taken Harrison out to his own food in a different room.

To me this was notable in that this was the first time Anna left the room on her own in many months, and she was pretty relaxed about doing it, if it was her idea or not.  Luckily Rhea was off downstairs on her own during all this, or there might have been a bit more drama.

I got a question yesterday about how I take the pictures with toys for the cats.  It is basically one hand for the camera, one for the toy!  With the smaller cameras I use, it is almost as hard to not wobble the thing when holding with two hands as one.  So most of the time, except for long zooms with other cameras, I’m shooting one handed.

To make it easier, I do complicated moves without trying to shoot to get them interested, and take pictures with easier movements of the toy.  Today, I did the easiest one of all, which is to stand almost right over the cat and dangle the toy down, hoping they will stand or jump for it.

But if they don’t jump, you have them standing still and can get a nice sharp portrait shot!

This is in a bright area, under the dining room light plus the shiny floor helps the camera out too.  Davout makes a stand…

A wee bit before Rhea rose up and got the toy!

If your cat grabs and hangs on, you now have extra time to get the camera pointed and take the shot, since he will stand there as long as you support him.

Sometimes you miss the critical shot, sometimes you get a nice one.  Most cameras have a quick burst mode that would take several quick photos that would help here…but I admit I have never used that mode myself.

Davout tried to drag the toy away, but I did not give in this time.

Fangs of Fury!!!

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4 Responses to From Up Above

  1. Bella and Esme says:

    Ha ha! Well done Harrison!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I try to get action photos of the girls when they are playing, but it’s very difficult. Especially, since there is very little natural light in my house.


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Mr. Harrison never ceases to amaze everyone.


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