Da Bird on a Tree


Before we get into the kittens playing, Anna had a hard morning today.  When I went in I found she had some poo on her tail that she was tracking around.  She had to have a tail bath, which took her out of the room.  I think she was too annoyed by that to notice Rhea and Davout around as she came out of the bathroom.

I also did some carpet cleaning in her room a little later, so she had to go into the office bedroom and be shut in there while I ran the sweeper.  She didn’t like that either, but managed to get back home without incident after the cleaning was done.


Today I dangled the toy off the cat tree so it barely had to be manipulated while I took photos.  Davout has really shaggy hair on the inside of his front legs, which I haven’t seen with my other longhaired cats.

Miss Bitey

Rhea takes her bite out of the toy.

Davout's turn

….then watches while Davout takes his turn.

And More

She seemed to get bored when he took too long…

Bitey Again

The careful hunter puts the ears away before taking a chomp at a wily foe…


A good time was had by all…

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1 Response to Da Bird on a Tree

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Rhea looks so different with her ears back and nose out.


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