Going Postal

Rhea has a sweet little profile…

But today the action was by the scratching post as it gave something to dig at while going for the toy.

Davout had some other fun tonight…he came into Anna’s room and hung out alone with her for a few minutes while I was downstairs giving Rhea her medicine.  No drama resulted and Anna did not run and hide.

Rhea watching Davout and the toy.


When it was her turn, she carried the entire toy off.

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3 Responses to Going Postal

  1. It’s so awesome that Anna seems to be getting more used to, or tolerant of, the kittens!
    Oh my gosh, Rhea’s tail! Those long strands are just awesome, she has such a feathery tail!


  2. Happy Holidays, oldcat! I’m leaving for New York tonight and will be offline for a week, but hope you and the cats have a playful, fun Christmas.


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