Nicest Boy Ever

Davout got a little outside time today.  He’s been wanting some, but it is either too dark or cold.  It was fairly cool today, even.

I suspected that Davout was running interference with Rhea before, but I am sure of it now.  Today, I carried Anna out of her room to the other upstairs rooms.  She hissed at Harrison, and then I put her down and looked to see if Rhea was coming.  She wasn’t,

She had been sitting in the cat tree by the stairs.  Davout had crossed the downstairs room, climbed the stairs and put his head through the bannister and bit her on the nape of the neck to keep her from going upstairs!  I’ve seen him do that in the hall by the door, but never there.  Even after letting her go, he blocked her from coming upstairs for a while.

Earlier I opened up a special treat I got at a store…an actual bit of fish sealed in a bag.  Anna, Rhea, and Davout all got some.  I didn’t try it with Harrison, as he has his diet and no teeth.

Rhea wins!

Handsome fellow.

Catcher of Feathers…

Rhea is a pretty girl, if somewhat troublesome at times.


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2 Responses to Nicest Boy Ever

  1. niasunset says:

    Happy New Year to you Lovely Cats and also to Your Beautiful Humans, Love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like Davout is the quiet boss of your house! And perhaps protective of Anna. What a sweetheart!
    Rhea is probably the most adorable little troublemaker, which is probably what helps her get away with it, lol!


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