Minimal Harvest

It was a pretty ordinary day.  I was in and out of Anna’s room not to bother her but to do other things so that was a nice change.  There were a few interesting developments.  Anna took a walk outside the room when I wasn’t looking and strolled down the hall until she saw Davout and gave him a hiss even though he was facing the other way.  She then retired back to her room.

“What did I do???”

A bit later I let Harrison go in because he was hungry and she wasn’t eating her wet food so I gave him a crack at it.  She was very calm about him being in there, even eating the food.  Harrison was let in later and she was also pretty collected even when he was just a foot or so away.  He was a little nervous about it, though.

When Rhea started digging at the gate Anna did decide this would be a good time to find some height and went to the other part of the room.

The two kittens did have some decent actions, but the silly camera decided to miss focus only on those where the cat was still.  This lifted paw is all the action we get.

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2 Responses to Minimal Harvest

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I’m feeling a great lack of Harrison photos.

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