More Visiting

Anna had a few visitors today.  When I was giving her her medicine earlier Davout came in to see what the fuss was.  Anna ran right by him without a fuss…about an inch or so away.

A while later I dragged Rhea in for some up close time.  I sat her on the back of the sofa facing Anna and they stared at each other for a bit.  Rhea got a few hisses when she made a move or so.  That was cut short when I detected some mats on Rhea and decided to trim them out.

When i was done with that Davout followed me back in and even vaulted up onto the sofa without any reactions.  As I carried Davout out I carried him up and above her and she didn’t growl or hiss.  I even put his tail down and let her sniff the tip.  All was fine.

This time nobody seemed eager to move in so I played with Davout from the sofa.  All this is nominally outside of Anna’s view since the couch blocks it.  She does have a pretty good idea if someone is there, though.

Anna took a stroll or two outside her room today too.

After the photos in Anna’s room, Rhea waited for me on the stairs down to where the feather toy is waiting.  This time they had dragged it through the bannister towards a cat tree top.

Davout was in good form chasing the feathers…

He’s also well aware that the string is just as important as the feather part in catching the toy.





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