It always starts with Davout…

Aside from a morning break in of Anna’s room by Rhea this morning, Davout was the major instigator all day today.   Rhea was a bit downcast from getting her dosage a bit early.

In the morning he was rushing from one end of the living room to the other, pouncing on things and dashing off.  Then he dragged the feather toy to me and I let him fight it for a long time.

Later he wanted to go out back and finally I let him go out.  Rhea and even Harrison went out too.  After a little bit I went out to check and met Harrison on the way back.

He paused in front of me to say hello with his little stare.  He then went back inside. Davout, despite starting things, went inside quickly.

I had to nudge Rhea to go back inside.

After this I was sorting laundry and Davout used the basket as a shelter to sneak up on Rhea and pounce at her to get some chasing done up and down the stairs.

At picture time I was going around looking for cats with Davout tagging along at my heels. I ran into Harrison sleeping in my room upstairs…

Not the best picture, but I like the way he holds his paws here.

Rhea was in the office room sleeping in the mail basket.  It has been a favorite of many cats over the years, especially when that desk is in use.

Anna was in her room, of course.  Even with Davout in there she decided to jump down when I brought in some food for her.  She even circled around the couch and ran into Davout by the doorway.  She turned away but didn’t hiss.  I went down to throw out some stuff and Davout followed me, and when I came back Anna was right up at the gate.  Luckily she didn’t try going out because Rhea was right down the hall.

So later at photo processing time, I noticed that somehow Davout was not in any picture! So I had to pull out the toys and camera to give him his due.

Sometimes you forget the quiet ones when you shouldn’t.



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3 Responses to It always starts with Davout…

  1. Lurkertype says:


    (It’s not that I don’t like seeing the others, but old man Harrison is my twu wuv.)


  2. Bella and Esme says:

    Love the little stare! X


  3. They’re all so beautiful!! I love them all!😺


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