Two Alone

Tonight Davout ran in while I was giving Anna her medicine.  After the struggle she ran right into him at the corner of the sofa and stopped but did not hiss, even though she was mad enough at me.  I decided to leave them in together while I give Rhea her dose, so they were shut in together for some time all alone.

Anna was up on her shelf, but otherwise unfazed.

Davout’s eye looked a bit squinty, so later I managed to corral him and give him some of the lysine gel..he seemed to like the taste somewhat.

With time Davout would take his chance to pounce up on the sofa for the toy.

The range meant that Anna could play too from where I was sitting.

But Davout had his chances too

They took turns for a while until Anna looked a little tired.

So out we went to get Davout his lysine and leave her alone.


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5 Responses to Two Alone

    • Oldcat says:

      Thanks for the info. But since lysine is an essential amino acid, that is present in the diet, the claims of harm seem overblown unless giving a lot more than I am. And it has mitigated the weepy eyes in both boys. Perhaps the mechanism is not by directly killing the virus multiplication, but by helping out the body’s own defenses.

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      • weggieboy says:

        I began giving my boys lysine when Dougy had the eye infection. I was doubtful at first, but followed their veterinarian’s recommendation for use of the supplement. It did clear up Dougy’s goopy eyes, so, even th0ough it is expensive, I am convinced the lysine is worth the price if it contributes to good eye health in my Persian kitties.

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  1. Good for Anna! Any time there’s no hissing is a good time! Hope Davout’s eye clears up quickly


  2. Lurkertype says:

    I take lysine for my cold sores, so I’m sure it’s good for the goopy eyes.


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