Cage Match

There’s less to report because I was inspired by Rhea to try the carrier again.  I had not closed Anna’s door all the way and I caught Rhea digging at the gate to break in.  I figured on satisfying the curiosity without stressing Anna out.

Rhea was in her carrier which I placed in a nice spot within sight of most of Anna’s favorite hangouts in the room.  After seeing that nobody was stressing out, I opened up the gate and door and did other stuff, checking in every few minutes.  I gave both girls their evening dose while the other was there.

Rhea was even calmer than last time.  Anna moved from the shelf top, to other spots where she could watch.  I did drag her out of the room a time or so but she went back to a spot Rhea could see her and vice versa.

Davout checked out the situation but stayed out of it himself.  He did like having the door open, and did steal a bit of dry food.  By the way, his eye looks better today – perhaps lysine, perhaps it just was poked by a wayward whisker yesterday.  I only give an occasional dose to both boys when they are having tearing issues.

Rhea got a few treats in the carrier, and after she was out.  At the end of the session, both of them were lying down and pointedly not looking at each other, which is a bit of improvement.  There wasn’t any growling or hissing during the session.

Rhea’s attitude toward Anna is a bit of a puzzle.  She doesn’t hate or fear her – if I grab her during a spat Rhea is not tense, or have puffed up tail or fur.  It isn’t quite play, though, since Rhea is very serious when creeping toward Anna before a confrontation.  It is closest to hunting in the mechanics and intensity without anger or fear.  Anna’s emotions are easier to peg – she’s just annoyed and wants cats away from her.  It isn’t that reasonable, but understandable.

But maybe a bit of boring time stuck in Anna’s mystery room staring at a boring cat will dull the thrill for Rhea.


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4 Responses to Cage Match

  1. Fingers crossed that it works. That Rhea, such a pistol!


  2. Lurkertype says:

    I’m glad it worked out better.

    I love how nothing fazes Harrison.


    • Oldcat says:

      On his second or third day I took him into the vet for his first checkup and when the vet invited me back into the lab area to the microscope to see his ear mites he trotted out of the exam room down the hall and into the lab to see what we were up to.


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