Three Corners

I didn’t plan on a lot of drama in Anna’s room today but the boys at least wanted to come in.  I brought Rhea in to take her medicine, which led to her stalking off to another room and not getting Anna mad.

Harrison hung out in there a while while I did some other things.  He nibbled on her food, drank from her fountain, and ignored her grumbling.  He has this habit of sitting by the corner of the sofa like this in between doing some meditation or something.

Davout came in and sat down at a second corner and stared at Anna by a third one.  She doesn’t mind if he’s this far off sitting still.

They both don’t mind just hanging out peacefully in the same room with her, and Davout just wants to watch her.

Harrison only wants to nibble on her leftover food.



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One Response to Three Corners

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Mr. Harrison is so non-threatening to all.


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