In Anna’s Face

Anna is often in a poor temper, especially when she gets manhandled for medicine and the like.  Usually when being held her ears are flat scrunched down, and if you touch her when she’s annoyed she will swat you with her unclawed paws repeatedly.

On the other hand, if you just hold your knuckle up there she will bend down and lick it a time or two…or give it a nip.  So she’s not entirely serious about that.

The boys were back in hanging around while I did this, watching from the sidelines.

I was on the floor just below her shelf and tried to get her to play with some toys, which she was to annoyed to be bothered to do.

Anna has a very expressive face, showing 1000 shades of irritation and frustration.

I did make an impression with the bottom end of a teaser wand pushed under her towel-bed.  The movement and sound got her digging and swatting at the tip.

Anna is quite the pretty girl.

Meanwhile the boys were watching the show from the corner of the sofa.  I love Harrison just sitting there like a little buddha statue.

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2 Responses to In Anna’s Face

  1. pilch92 says:

    Anna is gorgeous, even when she is irritated. We are having a giveaway , please visit us at 15andmeowing.


  2. Lurkertype says:

    aw, grumpy li’l Anna is still pretty. You’re beautiful when you’re angry, Anna!

    Harrison is very Zen.


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