Busy Day

For once, Rhea hasn’t been the trouble maker or even involved much.

Anna got to meet Rhea in the carrier again.  This time she needed to get by her and had to swat at the front bars and do some hissing.  Rhea was more interested in the treats I had dropped in the top and only did a little bit of hissing back.

Davout was in and out and Anna hardly noticed him at all.  He did get the rare – spit-yawn move where a hiss turns into a yawn halfway through.  She’s pretty calm when he’s around now.

Later on, he came back in to act as policeman to try and settle down the strangest spat.

After a lot of visits and nonsense, Anna had to have her medicine.  She jumped down to the water fountain and sat near it.  Harrison came in and bypassing the food went straight to the same fountain.  That was too close and Anna swatted his noggin with her declawed paws a time or two.  Davout came up while they were sitting close and he walked in little circles and ovals in the area trying to calm things down with her.

Harrison sat back and walked in a little circle to get some space, but otherwise was not flustered.  Later, when she jumped back up to the window he went and got his drink.

Rhea came in last of all, and seemed far more interested in seeing if more treats were in the carrier than in starting fights with grumpy Anna.


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