Mostly Good Girls

Rhea has claimed this bit of rug at the top of the stairs as one of her spots.  She often has a cute pose, but I have to pass her to get the camera which spoils it.  This is around the corner from Anna’s room so it gives both of them a break from direct sightlines.  Rhea can peek downstairs if anything is going on there.

This morning after feeding the kittens I brought Anna out midway down the hall and she walked to the railing and peered down at the kittens eating.  Anna went back toward her room in a normal walk but Rhea must have seen her since she rushed up the stairs quick as a wink.  Anna was in her room and it was easy enough to divert Rhea from causing an issue.

This evening Davout went in and hung out in Anna’s room with her with the gate shut.  The two sat pretty cozily with the bulk of the red sofa blocking any direct view for about an hour or so.  Eventually Rhea started pulling at the stuff blocking her from going through the bars and I broke it up for a while.

Since treats seemed to work well yesterday I decided on a quick treat session.  Rhea paused at the gate opening while Anna watched but made no hostile remarks.

There is a direct view to Anna from here, but treats are better even for Rhea.  Also a giant finger.

Anna ate a few treats but lost more of her appetite as Rhea got closer.  Not bad.

Rhea is staring, but not stalking.  She ate about two thirds of the treats as she is much faster than Davout is at gobbling the up.

Anna eventually retreated to her perch and I shooed out the kittens for the night.


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One Response to Mostly Good Girls

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Somebody should invent a camera setting to remove errant fingertips, just like redeye removal.


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