Treat Time

Tonight I noticed that Rhea had a few little mats on her side and first tried to get them with the Furminator.  This resulted in a mound of fur on me and a few scratches on my feet since I was wearing shorts.  The clippers did a better job of it.

Earlier a wayward thumbnail of mine managed to scratch the outside of one of my eyelids.

After all that I got the camera and found that Harrison was waiting for a crack at second dinner by nibbling at Anna’s food.

Harrison went right to the prize and Davout took up his accustomed station by the corner of the sofa.

Anna didn’t seem disturbed by any of this, as she yawned either at me or at Harrison, which seems to be a sign of greeting to her.

Rhea was waiting at the doorway during all this without being too creepy.

I got down to dispense treats.  Anna was too distracted to see Harrison get into the danger zone.  He got a hiss and he smartly retreated to the other way around the sofa.  So far Harrison doesn’t show much interest in cat treats.

There’s a straight view along the back of the sofa from Anna’s spot toward the doorway, even with me sitting in the way.  But she isn’t looking at Rhea….

Anna is more toward Rhea’s right…what’s she looking at?

Finally Rhea stalked up to the true item of interest in the room.

There was much more interest in the treat bag from both of them than in each other, even without the calming dose for the day.

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