Rhea and Anna had a strange encounter this morning.  I was carrying Anna out of her room a time or two for practice when we encountered Rhea and Davout at the corner.  Davout was holding Rhea back so you could see just their two heads.

Anna didn’t hiss or growl, just made chirping meows until I put her down and she went back to her room.

Tonight Harrison had a visit to eat her leftovers.  I forgot he was in there for a while and he was still sitting by the sofa until I came in when he started giving me this look.  But rather than leave the room he went and started eating more food.

Rhea waited at the doorway.  Davout was inside by the sofa.

Anna gave me a yawn of greeting.

During treat time Anna would give Rhea stares….until she had some treats to eat…then she would eat the treats.

Rhea would stare back too…as long as the treats by her were eaten up.

Davout steps in to make sure everyone is playing nice for a change.

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