Bad Lights

Today for whatever reason the camera had trouble with Davout’s dark face, so none of his pictures came out.  It was a fairly normal day with a few times where the boys trooped into Anna’s room without much fuss to eat her food and hang out in places out of her way.

Harrison is the major eater.

I dragged Anna out of the room for a while when the other cats were elsewhere and she did explore my room for a while without much fuss.  She got ‘trapped’ by Davout when he started watching her from the doorway, blocking her route back.  Then Rhea arrived.

I saw her first from the corner of my eye rushing forward like a furry torpedo and snared her before she triggered a fight with Anna and held her aside.  Anna started hissing at everyone in general and  I finally had to lift her over Davout’s “roadblock”.

Rhea was only upset a little that I grabbed her, and was pretty calm while Anna hissed at her.  They have the strangest relationship.

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2 Responses to Bad Lights

  1. I’m a little surprised that Davout, the peacemaker, blocked Anna like that.
    Looks like one of Rhea’s whiskers is taking a cue from Davout’s and is curving wildly!

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    • Oldcat says:

      He was just sitting in the doorway watching. I’m sure if she had come closer, he would have gotten out of the way and let her pass. She just didn’t press him to make him move.


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