What is Going On Here??!

Poor Anna isn’t sure what went on here.  Neither am I.

It was very strange.  I opened up her room’s door earlier this evening with the gate shut while I dealt with Harrison and other things.  As it got later I figured it had worked out all right since I had heard nothing.

But going inside I saw Anna sleeping in her accustomed cubby and Rhea sitting out of her sight watching in her direction.  I decided to go get a picture but as I was getting the camera there was some shrieking from Anna’s room and Rhea had rushed her.

It is unlikely that I just came in after Rhea broke in, so I figure she had been there in the room waiting for quite some time without anything happening.  Did my coming in lead Rhea to rush Anna?  Did Anna walk out and see Rhea right there and hiss at her, sparking a confrontation?

Poor Davout also seems confused about matters in here, while Rhea left the scene.

No pictures of Harrison today.  On the medical front the test results came back and many results are fine – no elevated thyroid, which I had wondered about.  He’s going to get an ultrasound soon, but meanwhile I went and got more drops that seemed to work well yesterday.

They go in the nose.  I tried a dose today, but he was a bit sneezy at the time and might have blown a lot of it out.  Later on he had a huge sneezing jag that seemed to go on and on.  But he still seems to be breathing a little better overall, and his appetite is up.  Last night he had three cans of food, then one this morning, and he’s on his third tonight.  In recent times he’s been unwilling to eat much of anything in the mornings.

This is the Himmy Corner of the sofa.  When Davout is in here, he sits this way.  When Harrison is i there, he sits there facing the other way about.

Anna still isn’t sure about just what is going on these days, but she bounces back well enough.


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3 Responses to What is Going On Here??!

  1. Oh Rhea, such a little brat-lette! Glad Anna recovers from it quickly though.
    Keeping up purrs for Harrison, hoping he feels better soon and puts on some weight!

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  2. pilch92 says:

    I am glad Harrison i improving.

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  3. Anne Daigle says:

    Maybe it is just taking his system time to rid itself of the toxins from the bad teeth. Brave boy–Cher t’bete.

    Liked by 1 person

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