Active Day

Rhea had an active day today.  She spent a good time in the afternoon playing on this tree with a feather/string toy by herself.  She had dragged the feather tip inside the upper hole so that the wand was caught out front.  She then would jump around inside and play with the feather end, sometimes leaping out of the opening on either level.

Poor Davout was trying to figure out what she was up to by peering inside but she would jump out at him if he got too close.

Anna was bold at picture taking time, not only sitting on the back of the sofa but coming close to the door as well.  Earlier in the day she took some short strolls out down the hall on her own.

Davout soon took up his station.

Anna retired to the window seat for better sight lines.

Rhea came in for a look around, but stayed near the back of the room well away from a scrap.

Harrison has been sleeping most of the day, but it usually has been normal sleeping rather than his zonked out sitting.  He ate some in the morning, but not much since.  This isn’t too surprising since the last two days he ate about 4 times what the other cats eat in wet food.

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