Party for Two

Both Davout and Rhea have decided to start sleeping in the carrier some of the time. I had to bother him because there was something odd on his lip that turned out to be a bit of fluff.

I went from there to visit Anna and he followed me in.  When I started playing with the red cord with Anna, he snuck closer to me and I gave him some chances.

With a little encouragement he got to playing on one end of the cord with Anna on the other.  Their noses are a bit more than a foot apart here.

Davout is funny – he’s nervous about getting close to me, and to Anna, but if I get hold of him and start scratching his back he isn’t afraid of either of us at all.

Anna wasn’t scared of him either.  She’s giving him a yawn of friendliness.

I gave them both some treats and they would eat, look up and stare for a beat, then eat some more.

Eventually Anna went off to her shelf and Davout took up her spot for playing.

Anna was up top cleaning her paw.


Harrison just after getting his nose drops.  They do seem to be helping his congestion.

I just went and ordered up a pet scale.  With one cat needing to gain weight and the other lose some, I need a bit more feedback than I’m getting now.

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2 Responses to Party for Two

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely to see Davout and Anna getting closer! Your patience is paying off.


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Davout is a good boy! Glad Anna didn’t freak out.


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