Anna Remembers

Tonight there was a nice little party with Anna and Davout.  Anna was a little miffed because I have been trying to get back to regular dosing of her and Rhea and she’s still not happy with the process.

And she doesn’t mind Davout being in her room.  When trying to get away from me after getting her medicine, she tried to circle the sofa but Davout was in the way, so she just stopped short and left him alone with no hissing.  When she went to her shelf he sits down here to watch her.

Anna started hissing once Rhea came back for treat time.

“she’s TROUBLE”

Rhea did give a few creepy stares back, but she is less intense when she has her medicine.


Today she was more into treats than any tricks.

I accidentally tossed a treat in the wastecan, so Rhea kept going in afterward just in case some more might magically appear for her.

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  1. pilch92 says:

    All your kitties are gorgeous. Rhea is especially cute 🙂 Please visit us, e are having a giveaway and I think you are one of the few bloggers that has never gotten any of our crocheted toys.


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