Harrison’s Back

Harrison’s back from his ultrasound.  The results are in, and the results are pretty good.  There are some benign growths on the liver, which are only a problem if they get to big.  There’s some sign of kidney enlargement, which is typical for cats his age and is not a surprise either.  No sign of any tumors in the gut, so the initial guess of Inflammatory Bowel seems to be right.  The treatment is steroids, which can hit the immune system and make him more prone to colds than he is.  To help avoid that, the steroid given is one that stays in the gut rather than getting moved all over.  The weighing at the vet’s confirmed my scale’s number – he was up above 5 pounds today, a smidge higher than Tuesday’s reading and both a half pound up from last week.  The doctor was happy about that.

I’ve heard reports that diet can also help with IBD, although he’s already getting pretty high quality food.  I will try some limited ingredient food that seemed to help Davout, but my primary focus is shoveling in food that he eats to get his weight up towards normal.

They had to shave his whole belly for the ultrasound, so he’s even more dilapidated in appearance.

Anna and Rhea had a staredown…

Rhea’s gotten in a time or two to bug Anna.

When Anna wanted to retire to her shelf, she found Davout in the way.  She didn’t hiss at him, but figured out that she could jump up top of the sofa and bypass him that way.  She then didn’t mind him poking around down there, unless he looked up at her.  That is one of Rhea’s launch points for fights.

Rhea was very nice to Harrison when he came back.  She spent some time sitting near him and watching over him until he settled down.


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6 Responses to Harrison’s Back

  1. How sweet of Rhea to watch over Harrison. Glad his results were good. Hugs and pets to him!


  2. I hope Harrison feels better. It was nice of Rhea to watch over him. That is something that I have noticed in our cats. Even if they are sometimes territorial with each other, if one is not feeling well the other will try to help take care of her.


  3. Andrea Kenner says:

    I have a friend who has a website: http://www.ibdkitties.net It provides resources and information for kitties who have been diagnosed with IBD. You might want to check it out.


  4. Lurkertype says:

    Aw, that poor boy. I just want to cuddle him and feed him really good food. And maybe laugh at his bald tummy (hint, hint).

    Even naughty Rhea loves him.


  5. So glad for the good results! And so glad he’s gaining weight! I don’t know why I want to think he’s a kitten younger than Davout and Rhea.. But he’s not, is he?


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