Weigh In Chaos

I did the weekly weigh ins and it was a bit of a crazy situation with all the cats colliding with each other in the same room.  Harrison was the first and the easiest to do.  He came in at 5.48 pounds which is up another half pound from last week and a full pound from his low point.  That’s good news for sure.

Anna was next and was at 11.16 pounds.  That’s down a little more and she has been ignoring her wet food in the last few days.  She did eat some today.

Even though she hissed at Harrison, she decided to poke around my room after the weighing rather than run home.  Rhea of course was coming in for a confrontation so I grabbed her for a weighing.  Rhea weighed 7.84 pounds, about the same as before.

Davout is usually hard to get hold of, but this time his escape under the bed was blocked by Anna who hissed at him.  While Rhea came in to find Anna I quickly weighed Davout who was 8.22 pounds.  Again, similar.

Now I was worried about a fight but while Rhea went under the bed on one side Anna poked her head out of the foot of the bed, so I lifted her up and away and back to her room without any more fuss.

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1 Response to Weigh In Chaos

  1. So good to see all your babies again. Glad they’re doing well!


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