Skipping Breakfast

Harrison worried me this morning by shunning 2 flavors of cat food.  I left them out and by dinner he had finished them up and was hungry for more.  I think he had 5 cans or so. His eyes are less teary, although he does get food on his face.

I had my own doctor appointment today and they noticed I had a little fever.  This didn’t keep them from taking 9 vials of blood for routine tests.  Whatever I have made some headway in making me feel bad tonight.  I tried for a treat session at the doorway but Anna was having none of it.

She considers this a lot safer.

Davout was very casual while Anna ate most of the treats.

Anna got a little bit of playtime when I was closing up her room.


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2 Responses to Skipping Breakfast

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Maybe you’re just a quart low now.

    Go Harrison!


  2. Hope you’re feeling better. El Nino seems to have produced a number of nasty viruses this winter.


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