It takes two…

Rhea  and Davout played a little duet this evening with the feather toy.  Davout got first licks in….

He made a nice grab and hold on the feathers.

Then Rhea cut right in for her turn!

She grabs without using her paws to help hold on.

Then Davout showed his snarling powers from around corners.

The other cats are doing fine too.  Harrison is looking more chipper and seems to be digesting better.  Anna remains testy with the other cats but in good health.  Even I seem to have mostly pulled out of this solid week or so of illness.

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3 Responses to It takes two…

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.


  2. soupsloth says:

    I disappeared from the internet for a while last year so I’m very glad to see that Harrison is still doing OK! He is such a lovely boy! We’ve all been battling left over winter bugs too!


  3. soupsloth says:

    Oh dear, that was far too many exclamation marks to have in one comment, my sincere apologies…


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