Marching On

Rhea looking upstairs.  She’s a little bit late.  Earlier, while I was feeding Anna her dinner she (Anna) took the opportunity to walk out of her room and explored several rooms up there for quite some time.  Rhea was looking up but did not come upstairs to cause a ruckus.

Davout trying to get the angles right on the feather toy.

Then Rhea busts in.

The knot came untied and left everyone a bit puzzled about what to do next.

Poor Davout looks a little squinty.  I gave him a few lysine treats that usually straightens that out.

After reattaching the feathers, Rhea went to town on it.

But she looks a little stunned when it gets away despite that.


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2 Responses to Marching On

  1. I know it’s an optical illusion, but it looks like Davout is squinting because his wild whiskers got in his eye!
    Before I read that the bird had come untied, it almost looked like Rhea had swallowed the bird whole, and you’d caught her like you’d been fishing for kitties, MOL! (it’s late, I’m tired otherwise I wouldn’t see such weird things in otherwise innocent pictures!)


    • Oldcat says:

      From time to time I’ve wondered about the whisker in the eye myself, but every time closer examination shows that they don’t curl back that far. It might happen when playing I suppose, but then you’d expect it to happen to either eye rather than just the same one.


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