Outside, Inside

We had some outside time today, which is Davout’s favorite thing.  They both like to graze on the grass.

The little yellow perennials come up early in the year but are unable to hold up their flowers.  I’m not sure if they are bad for cats to chew on, but they don’t last long into the spring, so I just keep my eye on the cats around them.

Davout come back in the other direction.

There were some birds overhead.  Rhea even went stalking down the path after a huge blackbird that might have been able to carry her off.  She didn’t get very close.

Rhea has been attentive recently – even before Harrison got visibly sick.  She and Davout have also been keeping close when I was tending to him and watching, which wasn’t common before.  You always wonder how much the cats know that you don’t about these things.

Anna has been more active as well.  She came out of her room last night to explore and walked right near Davout to explore the office room without hissing or anything.  Rhea didn’t come up to cause any fuss.

Anna has got a few more clumps on her so I have been trying to trim her fluff down some. Her tolerance with this is pretty low so far.

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5 Responses to Outside, Inside

  1. Both of them are so beautiful! How is Harrison?😺

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  2. Beautiful pictures!

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