Busy Day

Davout begged for some outside time, and as the latest rainstorm was gone and it was nice outside I let them out.  Rhea joined him and stayed out longer.  Davout was spooked by my sawing on the palm tree fronds that had almost blocked the way out for me and ran inside.

There still is a nice pile of fronds with claw-like edges to the stem that require gloves to handle without damage.

Rhea was tuckered out by her repeated attempts to break into Anna’s room and attack her. She finally made it and bullied her a bit.  I gave them both a dose of their medication which I had been neglecting and Rhea at least was less eager to go in.

Davout was pretty interested in my combination of feather toy and scratch post.

Got it!

Rhea comes up for a look-see.



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One Response to Busy Day

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    lovely cats, lovely photos

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