Wet Sunday

Davout Out Back

Cool, Damp Day.  Davout got some outside time on the rocks.  Rhea was caught climbing the wall again.

Rhea out Back

After the embarrassment of being pulled down she decided to go back in with Davout.

Davout is Perturbed

After dinner Davout and Rhea had some skirmish playing in the living room around another laundry basket.  Davout broke away and sat on the sofa but Rhea responded by sprinting all the way out of the living room upstairs and then into the bathroom upstairs.  Then down, and up again!

Rhea Calms Down


The running seemed to calm her down considerably.


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2 Responses to Wet Sunday

  1. Sounds like they were having a playful day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lurkertype says:

    I still keep expecting to see Mr. Harrison. I miss that lollipop head.

    Pretty Rhea is feeling her oats!


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