Good Cat, Bad Cat

Today I managed to catch Davout and put him inside Anna’s room for a long visit.   She has from time to time avoided hissing at him and he still is very curious.

He’s a but unsure because there was a lot of chaos there just before.  Anna has had quite a few lumps in her fur recently and it is very long, so I have been trying to cut them out.  She isn’t very cooperative, especially when Rhea is around, which she usually is.  Last week she managed to wiggle enough to get a nice nick on the skin.   I changed to using a guard, but that, while avoiding leaving bald patches, is much more time consuming and difficult to get mats and knots.

To make matters worse, when I was working on Anna on that same towel Rhea began vaulting up to the back of the sofa and lunging into wild cat scraps there.  I didn’t want Anna to go hide so Rhea was free to make several repeats of jumping up in various spots and getting into a tussle.

Finally I had to give up and put her up here.  This is after Davout was on the sofa. She was very good…no hissing at him, mostly she ignored him.  He stayed in for maybe 20 minutes with her before Rhea started returning to the door so I let him out and closed it.

Bad kitty!

At playtime it was an all-Davout show.  There is a feather toy involved although it remains unseen…unlike his tongue.

Round eyes, crazy whiskers.

Hiding behind a short box with holes in it.  There is an optimistic cat.

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10 Responses to Good Cat, Bad Cat

  1. Toby Ayne says:

    Wow!sounds like things got a little crazy there for a while!!


  2. pacificnorthwestgranny says:

    Happy to see Anna is still doing well and the kittens are still trying their best to get in and get to know her, especially Miss Rhea the pest.


  3. Goodness, that’s an exciting day! Poor Anna, we hate knots too, and boy do we have a bunch at the moment too! We’re having to get at them a little at a time because they hate hate hate it! I have no idea how you do it on your own, we struggle with two people on one cat!


    • Oldcat says:

      Anna is especially bad because with the short Persian body, you can’t turn half of her -like her back legs without having to move the front. She (and Calla) could lock them together which made for very complex wrestling matches.


  4. Anne daigle says:

    I have had luck by pinching the mat at the base next to the skin. Then I cut across the hairs as close to my fingers as possible. Then I try to tease the mat apart as much as possible. You may have to repeat the process a few times, but you cannot cut the cat. Anna’s being declawed may be affecting her behavior.


    • Oldcat says:

      She also was mistreated by a child before getting dumped off to shelters. She is friendly-ish with me now, but has a low threshold with manhandling. She is a great wiggler – I think when she got nicked she turned a somersault and fell onto it. Right now she is pretty happy having her room by herself, which is not what I like but you can only push her so far. I actually wouldn’t mind if she was more assertive with Rhea sometimes. She swipes for a while then runs.


  5. kimkiminy says:

    What a great box!


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