Wild Ride

Rhea is high up on her bookshelf looking regal.

Earlier I was trying to continue on the grooming of Anna.  I tried a smaller comb which did not work and Anna was angry.  She bit my thumb and made a tiny would and a little pressure bruise on the inside.  Rhea helped out by chewing on the bars of the pet gate (I have some foam spacers to take up space that she pulls off).  She looked cute but made Anna even more upset.

So I shut the door and recollected Anna for another go at the big knot on her tummy.  I had to risk using the naked blade and did make some progress on the outside part before she got too upset.  Persians are very hard to work with as their short bodies and legs are hard to pin down and put where you want if they don’t want to go along.

Davout and Rhea played some chase games and Rhea even did some grooming of his head. Again, the camera was across the room.  I wonder if those home security fellows who call every so often have a cat photo package on offer.

Davout, for a change was not quick about escaping so I got a little petting – exam time with him and I snuck in a picture to boot.

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4 Responses to Wild Ride

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    Wrestling your three seems like the WWF – WorldWide Wrestling Felines – not that I watch any such thing. But grooming time at your house must seem like a wrestling match!

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  2. Knots are not fun! Hope you wind up getting them all soon!


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