Davout’s Day

Davout started out a little sluggishly this morning.  He was sleeping in the OutBox on the desk in the office even after I put down food.  A bit later he spat up some mostly liquid on the tile floor – a very polite boy.

Being a bit sensitive on the subject I kept an eye on him and he did perk up later in the day. I opened up some windows to get some air and he visited each one of them.

He also got a little outside time in the back.  He might have gotten some grass to help his tummy out.

I’ve been doing a bit of rearranging and moving things for a while and cleaning things up mostly upstairs for a while.  He gets worried when stuff moves but he gets over it in the end.

He enjoyed a session of bird toy in a box.


Rhea has been her normal self.  A little annoying, a little nice and sweet.

Draping the toy over the giant scratcher is usually a good idea.  Here Davout ignores it and scratches high.  He’s actually a pretty long and lanky cat.

Then he flopped on his side for a rest.

Anna in her room was pretty happy for a visit.  She always jumps up there when I come in, sometimes circling the room first.

Anna got a little playtime herself with the red cord she likes.  She asked for some brushing, which I want to keep up with.


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3 Responses to Davout’s Day

  1. Davout is a long lad! Surprising as I always think he’s tiny kittenish, lol which I know I shouldn’t because he’s not a baby any more. Love all three of their fluffy faces!


  2. pilch92 says:

    I hope Davout feels better soon.


  3. Connie says:

    glad to hear he is feeling better

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