Up Top

I may have to get this done quickly, since the power has flashed off twice in the last few minutes.  The computer didn’t turn off, but the TV did.

Davout has climbed to the top of the cat tree today and is the master of all he surveys.

Unipod Rhea

Rhea is on the stairs….just a little bit over two of them.

Tattered Feather

The blue feather toy is nearing the end of days…

Startled #1

Rhea’s OMG look…

Startled #2

Davout’s OMG!! look.

About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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2 Responses to Flash

  1. Davouts OMG looks a little more terrified and Rhea’s a little more interested! So cute!
    Hope your power stayed on!


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