Swapping Out

The one that got away

Rhea must have chased a bug or lizard under the AC unit.  She was walking around peering under it and sticking in a hopeful paw for a long time.

Earlier in the morning I did something weird.  I pulled Anna out of her room, and shut her up in my bedroom instead.  After a quick check for other cats Anna had a good time exploring the room, rubbing on things and checking out the closets.  While she was in there I gave her room some cleaning up, trying to make some headway on her shed fur that gets all over.

Davout in Support

Davout came over to see what Rhea was doing…

After a while with Anna in my room, I let Davout in with her.  He hid under the bed peeking out toward the bath area, and when she poked her head out and saw him she hissed and moved back.  Meanwhile, Rhea was exploring Anna’s room while I vacuumed in there.  She has no fear of that loud thing.

And now the Grass

When Rhea goes after some grass to eat, she goes for the five foot tall variety.

I was a bit annoyed when I looked out there.  The gardeners for the community took the climbing stuff that had come up my wall and over to their side and just pushed the clump over to my side.  However, the infestation of this plant came from their side in the first place, through a drainage hole.  So now I have a huge blanket of crappy invasive plants to cut back.

Welcome to California, where there are only 2 kinds of plants — invasive, kuzdu like terror plants, and dead ones.

Lounging Davout

Davout on guard on the rocks.

Pretty Eyes

Crap, here’s another invasive plant that came into my yard from the gardeners out front not cutting it back.  Also mildly harmful to cats.

Sleepy Time

All that is worth a good nap.


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One Response to Swapping Out

  1. pilch92 says:

    Such cuties! Happy Easter!


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